People are becoming more receptive to the idea that they have lived in previous lifetimes, regardless of their religious traditions. Previous lifetimes help to explain life issues that cannot otherwise be explained. For example, an experience in a past life can explain why some people are born with physical problems, such as migraines or allergies. A previous lifetime can explain why someone continually chooses to have intimate relationships with a person who’s abusive or why someone is continually drawn to a person who’s unwilling to commit to a relationship. Keep in mind, these physical or emotional issues can be explained by something that has occurred in this lifetime. Past life regression benefits the person who seeks answers that cannot be explained by something in this life. 

While learning about a past life can satisfy someone’s curiosity, the goal with Jeanne's practice is to bring about positive, productive change. Past life regression sessions involve discussion of the client’s focus, such as a recurring pattern of circumstances that continue in a client’s life, an amazing ability that was present at birth, a physical limitation present at birth, and so on.  The first session helps prepare the client to receive imagery. In the second session, the client reviews a past life and comes to an understanding of a pattern or issue that needs to be corrected or resolved so that healing can occur.  

Here are examples of reasons why someone might wish a past life regression:

  • To understand and heal the cause of a previously unexplained present life issue
  • To explore a current life relationship
  • To explore current life family issues
  • To understand the most karmic effect on the present life for personal growth
  • To explore special talents and abilities

A past life regression includes two sessions. The first session is $90, and the second session is $150. Payment for both sessions is required at the first session.