A great benefit of hypnosis is its ability to help a person relax deeply, both physically and mentally. Getting those racing thoughts to "settle down" is part of what happens during mental relaxation. Besides relaxation, hypnosis communicates with the subconcious mind, informing the mind that it's safe to let the individual sleep. In addition, by examining a client's situation, Jeanne works to discover the factors that keep him or her awake and suggest in and out of hypnosis ways to remove barriers to sleep and encourage those that promote it.

After a lifetime of dealing with insomnia (not only falling asleep, but staying asleep for the night), I finally conquered the issue under the expert guidance of Jeanne. In our hypnosis sessions, I relayed my sleep issues to her. She framed my wording back to me in a manner which created a deep level of comfort and trust; I felt emotionally safe and able to receive her positive suggestions for change. Jeanne helped me to create a deep trance state, in which I felt relaxed and comfortable. Every night when I get into bed, I recreate that trance state by listening to the eight-minute recording she made for me during our sessions. Her professional training and knowledge, along with the assurance of her nurturing voice and words, have helped me to relax in a manner which welcomes and sustains sleep for the entire night. I am grateful to Jeanne for her knowledge and healing!
— Margaret P.
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