Sending Healing through Thoughts

The power of the average person to heal through mental intention has been demonstrated in the past 30 years with advances in technology. In The Intention Experiment, Lynne McTaggart describes experiment after experiment that demonstrates how the mind has a detectable and recordable energy that we send and receive constantly.

From these experiments, we’ve learned that our thoughts are also physical. In 1999 Stanford University physicist William Tiller created a device that measured mental energy in pulses. In an experiment that was conducted over 1,000 times, ordinary volunteers increased the pulses by 50,000 by merely thinking intentionally to increase the pulses and stayed at that rate for five minutes (24).

Experiments in Montreal at McGill University showed that thoughts can change the molecular bonding in water (24). In a remarkable set of experiments conducted again by William Tiller, thoughts were shown to change the pH level of water (116). After three months of repeating the same experiment in the same rooms, Tiller discovered that the rooms themselves had changed so that the electromagnetic waves remained in, as McTaggart states, “rhythmic, energetic harmony” (117). 

Quite simply, our thinking changes the physical reality we live in.

 Source: McTaggart, Lynne. The Intention Experiment. New York: Free Press, 2007.

Jeanne Kocher