Being Slimmer Means Embracing Life with Self-Love and Power

This is an invitation to people whose weight has become a barrier to life. I want to reach out to those who suffer reminders on a daily basis that they don’t fit in the available spaces in the room. Despite the daily misery, they find themselves dependent on food to satisfy emotional needs that are so much more powerful than the need to fit in.

I think about surgery as an alternative. While it has helped many people lose the necessary weight, their lives become forever changed in ways that are not life-giving. After surgery, choices of food are determined by what won’t make them sick, not what gives them joy. Like programs focused on nutrition and exercise, surgery as a solution approaches the human body as a complex machine, but only that.

I offer through hypnotherapy a different path that fully embraces the human being who has a spirit, emotions, and yearnings. The path of hypnotherapy requires people to…

·         Be willing to understand that emotional healing is involved. People who struggle with their weight have a relationship to food that involves the emotions.  Food becomes a way to tend to emotional pain that people are not aware of. That pain doesn’t go away with special diets or exercise programs or surgery. Hypnotherapy helps to discover unconscious beliefs and the way food numbed the effects of them. And very importantly, hypnotherapy shows the way to reverse those beliefs and move toward life that starts with the love of self.

·         Be willing to change your thinking so that food is joyful and life-giving, not an unhealthy dependence.

 ·         Be willing to understand that moving the body is not torture, not a reminder of what your body cannot do, but a move toward life, emotionally and spiritually. Keep in mind, moving the body is a physical requirement of addressing weight. It moves blood and oxygen. It releases positive hormones that change our mood. It gives us energy. It increases metabolism. Hypnotherapy’s focus is to change how to think about moving the body, so that it becomes joyful, again starting with the love of self.

 ·         Be patient with yourself and the process. By the time you reach this blog and my website, you’ve probably done so much to address your struggles and battles with weight. What you’ve lost, time and again, is the battle and not the weight. Now you face the fear of losing it once again. We take this new path gently. It takes time to reverse ideas and unconscious beliefs. It takes time to integrate life-giving habits and beliefs. Your changes will be slow and profound. By the end of the journey, you’ll be slimmer, and you’ll understand that being slimmer isn’t half as important as being changed as a human who embraces life with self-love. You’ll have conquered your foes and recognized your own power to do so.   

Jeanne Kocher