By the time clients come to me for their first hypnosis session to stop smoking, they know what time of day they need the cigarette, where they are, and what conditionsgo along with that cigarette (frustration, a meal, etc.). It all varies, but the person addicted to smoking has a detailed plan figured out for most cigarettes of the day. One client said it was like having a chain around her neck that was attached to one cigarette.

And yet that cigarette is a faithful friend. It’s always there as a relief from stress and pressure, helping to get through rough times. It’s there to celebrate and to relax. Quitting smoking can feel like a loss.

Like any change, quitting smoking also means leaving a known and comfortable path, and venturing to a new one. For the person wanting to quit, it’s important to know that the new path is much more beautiful than the old path. The new path has ways to comfort you through stress and pressure, to celebrate joys, big or small. Through hypnosis the body and mind have ways to give you an amazing rush.

The process of quitting smoking through hypnosis is a gradual one that begins with craving fewer cigarettes and enjoying the feeling of clearer lungs. My clients are those who actively engage in the process of deciding how many cigarettes they want each day. They learn to become conscious of each cigarette and what it’s doing for them. They learn hypnosis techniques that they can use during the day to keep them calm, relaxed, and centered during stressful moments. Those techniques become healthy ways to replace the need for a cigarette. And those techniques help people feel good.

During the month of September 2017, I’m offering a special reduced rate for people choosing to become non-smokers: Instead of 5 sessions for $500, I’m offering 5 sessions for $450. If you pair up with another person, you each pay $400, rather than $500.

  • Standard price for 1 person: 5 sessions for $500
  • September’s reduced rate for 1 person: 5 sessions for $450
  • September’s reduced rate for 2 people: 5 sessions for $400 each
Jeanne Kocher