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Growing and Sending Healing Energy to Preemies, Infants, and Children

Parents have amazing power within themselves to aid and accelerate the healing of their babies and children, whether they are in intensive care or at home with a chronic illness. Research shows that even though senders of healing energy may not have experience as meditators, their energy as loving parent is powerful. Further, babies and children who are ill are powerful recipients of that energy.

In this one-hour workshop, Jeanne Kocher, certified hypnotherapist, educates parents about how meditation works for infants and children, and then guides parents through a meditation specifically designed to send healing energy. Research has shown that the regular practice of this particular meditation can …

  • Accelerate healing
  • Aid healing
  • Strengthen bond between parent and child
  • Reduce parental anxiety

The cost is $30 for one parent, $35 for two parents.

Pre-registration is required---call Jeanne Kocher at 402.317.2809 or email her at